Even as a child drawing cartoons on paper, breathing life into characters through illustration and animation has always been my passion. The ability to translate stories into a world so alive you can actually see it breathing in front of you is a realm of possibility I've dedicated my life to exploring. This perpetual growth and evolution perfectly blends with my endless curiosity as an artist, allowing me to truly discover the worlds I create.
To foster this ambition and equip myself with a technical tool belt that's equipped enough to tackle any project, I attended the Illinois Institute of Art to earn my degree in Media Arts and Animation. Hungry to learn more, I continued my education at Animation Mentor, where I was welcomed into a community of innovative artists and visual storytellers who were just as driven to create as I was. Throughout this time I also developed a graphic design skill set that has furthered my growth as an artist.
Always excited for the next opportunity, I love freelance work and find new projects of all varieties to be energizing and refreshing. Please feel free to reach out with any freelance inquiries or just to learn more about what I do.
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